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Scientists can use up to date conference facilities for up to 50 persons.

Poster sessions can be held in and outdoors.

Science and Music

The vegetable garden in the courtyard allows the guests

to pick a ripe tomato even during an outdoor poster session.

Science and Music Montecastelli

Musicians find a concert hall with professional video/audio recording facilities, rehearsal rooms with pianos and a courtyard for outdoor events. This creates opportunities, from masterclass to concert performances and allows to make recordings.

Il Poggio Montecastelli

All the chairs in the concert hall (also called the hall of the 99 chairs) are different. They were donated by musicians, scientists and by the local population of Montecastelli and surroundings.


Brainstorming of innovative scientific ideas, chamber music sessions, blind tests of fine stringed instruments, horticulture and many other activities create a meeting environment unlike any other. Both musicians and scientists require high levels of passion, creativity, talent and commitment for success in their fields.

At the Poggio they may cross-inspire each other to find new ways of thinking and practicing their profession.

Masterclass Montecastelli

Our team at "Il Poggio" can help with the pratical organization of a project proposal. This can include concerts at scientific workshops or scientific lectures for musical sessions.

We can also suggest a wide variety of leisure time activities.

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